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Working with Baz Luhrmann

February 13th, 2012


    I knew about Baz because he was already famous in Australia as being so innovative. He and Catherine Martin were already a team. They came to America with me to shoot a Vogue cover. I think I must have been 22 or 23. We did a whole bunch of different characters for it. I just had the best time doing it. We did a two-day shoot, and that’s basically when we built our first creative relationship.


    Then I auditioned for him on Moulin Rouge. I sang The Spy Who Loved Me by Carole Bager Sayer, who’s actually a really good friend of mine now. Little does she know that I auditioned with her song. I just remember being terrified because I have no confidence in my voice, but I went in there. I think I did it about six or seven times and Baz videoed it.


    I just love him. I love the way he works. I love his energy and his attention to detail. And he has such a love of actors because he started out as an actor. I think he’s just a force. A force of creative energy. And then I got offered the role. He sent me roses and asked me if I would be in the film. I was doing The Blue Room at the time. I remember feeling tingly and thinking that this is something that could change my life. Not just my professional life, but actually my life. I think that’s what Moulin Rouge did, so I feel very indebted to Baz (Bazzy as I call him) and to CM and the whole creative team who did Moulin Rouge because they basically gave me the confidence to believe that I could do a musical – that I could sing and dance and act in the one film. I’d wanted to make a romantic film. I wanted to make a film that was a great love story and I feel Moulin Rouge is a great love story.


    xo Nic