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November 2nd, 2011

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    Hi Everyone,


    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts about the featured films on my website and Facebook page.


    ‘Dogville’ is the movie we have decided to feature this month after one of your suggestions.


    ‘Dogville’ is the first in a supposed trilogy of films by Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier.  I saw Lars’ ‘Breaking the Waves’ years ago and responded to it in such a strong way that I told a journalist he was one of the directors I most wanted to work with. Lars apparently read the article and that is when he offered me Dogville.


    It was shot on an almost bare soundstage in Sweden, in a small town called Trollhättan. When I first arrived I thought…Well, I’m here in this tiny town in rural Sweden. And it’s a little strange… everything’s a little strange, Lars in particular. But I like strange – I always have. I was really glad I went because it was great to be part of something so unpredictable and I always support directors who push the envelope. I like to be daring. I’m interested in directors who I feel are posing philosophical questions


    I hope you enjoy revisiting ‘Dogville’ as much as I enjoy sharing the process of making the movie with you.

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