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Previous Films

  • Dogville

    November 2nd, 2011

        Hi Everyone,   Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts about the featured films on my website and Facebook page.   ‘Dogville’ is the movie we have decided to feature this month after one of your suggestions.   ‘Dogville’ is the first in a supposed trilogy of films by [&hellip
  • Cold Mountain

    September 7th, 2011

      With the nation on the brink of war, a preacher’s daughter named Ada (Nicole) falls in love with a man named Inman (Jude Law). Their romance is cut short when the Civil War breaks out and Inman is called away to fight. Inman witnesses the brutalities of battle, while Ada faces harsh realities of [&hellip
  • The Others

    August 11th, 2011

      Hello,   I’m so touched that you all are enjoying the featured movie on my website.  This month’s featured movie is “The Others”. We chose “The Others” because it was one of your suggestions on my Facebook page and because I think Alejandro Amenabar is one of the finest auteurs of our time.   [&hellip
  • Birth

    June 6th, 2011

      Initially drawn to the film’s script, Nicole decided to make “Birth” when she found out it would be directed by Jonathan Glazer. Nicole knew Glazer would approach the film in a sensitive and unique way, and she loved his previous film, “Sexy Beast.”     Nicole plays Anna, a woman who meets a boy [&hellip